Friday, July 17, 2015

River Watch!

Molly here!

We’ve definitely begun to settle into a routine these days, but every site is different. We've had the chance to see some pretty amazing (and sometimes downright creepy) wildlife above and below the water. This list includes but is not limited to:
-poison ivy
-bald eagles
-huge, water-hopping spiders (like I said, creepy)

Dragonfly on Snake River
Story time: As we were working in the Snake, Brooke set her equipment down on a branch sticking out of the water mid-channel. It just so happens that the largest spiders I’ve ever seen liked Brooke’s equipment a lot. When we grabbed the weight belt flinging the spiders away, it was a moment filled with pure adrenaline and yelling, and then shock as we watched the spiders jump off the branch and hop along the water to the shore. I’m pretty sure our mouths were wide open.

You can imagine, though, what years of human habitation near rivers can do. There are also non-living things in rivers, such as:
-broken bottles
-fishing lines
-farming equipment
-bridge materials

Non-natural things can be a little dangerous. We typically wear gloves, and try to slowly move our hands along the river bed as we search for mussels so as not to hurt ourselves. 

All in all, though, what can I say? We are constantly entertained by the job, and I'm glad to be a part of this unique experience!

Snake River Site

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