Wednesday, July 8, 2015

About The Project

Conserving Minnesota's Native Freshwater Mussels

Our project is funded through the LCCMR (Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources) Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). We are looking at the complex interactions between freshwater mussels and aspects of their habitat, such as sediment and water velocity. The summer of 2015 will be focused on collecting data in the field, primarily in the Minnesota River Basin and the St. Croix River. We are re-visiting sites that the Minnesota DNR visited in 1999 in order to look at the differences in mussel species diversity and distribution in the last 16 years. In the next two years, our project leaders will carry out laboratory experiments in the Outdoor StreamLab and flumes at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory in order to study mussel and sediment interaction in a more controlled environment.

In short, we’re snorkeling in Minnesota’s rivers and looking for mussels, and we’re excited to share our experience
s and findings with you! Check back regularly for updates and exclusive photos. Thanks!


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